Atlantic SuperConnection

Atlantic SuperConnection (ASC) is developing a c1,500km subsea High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable to bring 1GW of baseload and on-demand geothermal and hydro-electrical power from Iceland to the UK.



Atlantic SuperConnection is building a high voltage direct current (HVDC) cable – the “SuperConnection” – bringing low carbon hydroelectric and geothermal energy from Iceland to the UK. 1GW of low carbon energy will flow through the SuperConnection from a country where energy is abundant, to a country where additional low carbon capacity is urgently required. 
The SuperConnection offers an opportunity to better utilise Iceland’s existing low carbon resources while proving the UK with a valuable source of reliable, flexible baseload low carbon capacity, enough energy to power approximately 1 million homes.
The supply chain plan to be facilitated by the SuperConnection will see the creation of an advanced manufacturing facility in North East England. HVDC cable will be manufactured at this facility not only for this project, but also for other low carbon energy projects, particularly offshore wind generation as these projects move further offshore and demand for HVDC cable increases.


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