Atlantic Super Connection’s IceLink and Edi Truell feature in National Newspapers

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Edi Truell and Atlantic Super Connection’s IceLink feature in National Newspapers

Disruptive Capital Director Edi Truell was quoted in The Telegraph on the topic of renewable energy as Britain faces an energy ‘crunch’.

The article cites advances in high voltage technology increasing the validity of plans for underwater transmission of renewable energy from Iceland to the UK. A combination of lower energy leakage from cables and the lower costs per megawatt hour (MWh) of Iceland’s renewable energy make it an ideal solution for the UK’s power issues. It is estimated that the energy from the cable would be enough to power 1.6 million homes.

The innovative project by Atlantic Super Connection could be running by 2023, long before Hinkley Point’s nuclear energy would be available to the UK energy grid. The 1.2 gigawatt cable would be longest underwater cable in the world, by some considerable margin.

Mr. Truell also announced the significant interest that the IceLink project has generated abroad, saying “Foreign investors are beating a path to our door from Singapore, the Middle East, and Canada. They can see a superb project with a 40-50 year return.”

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ritain faces an energy ‘crunch’.

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