Disruptive Capital announces sale of Gentoo Fund Services to TMF

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Disruptive Capital announces sale of Gentoo Fund Services to TMF.

Gentoo was backed by Disruptive Capital in 2011 to undertake the spin-out of the former SG Hambros corporate trust business. Following five years of strong growth, including the acquisition of a Luxembourg business to add to the Guernsey headquarters, agreement has been reached for the sale of Gentoo to the international group, TMF.  The sale is expected to complete in Q4 2017, following regulatory approvals.

Christine Whitehorne, co-founder of Gentoo, said “Disruptive have supported us all the way from inception to the final sale. We have built up the Gentoo team, with whom we have worked hard to create five years of strong trading growth, based on providing the highest quality service to our clients. We will now be able to return capital to our backers, whilst at the same time ensuring a robust and stable business going forward.”

Edi Truell said, “We have been very pleased with Gentoo’s progress.   Christine, Nick Degnen, Mark Hooton and the team have much to be proud of in their achievements, based on the sound principle of providing excellent service to their clients.  Indeed, in our 24 year private equity investment history, we have had few investments be as reliably successful as Gentoo, producing a significant return on our investment.”

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