Disruptive Capital Invests Further in Tantalum Corporation

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Disruptive Capital Finance (“Disruptive”), Tantalum Corporation’s (“Tantalum”) majority shareholder, has invested further in the Connected Car technology leader to support the company’s global rollout.

A statement of intent, the investment is enhanced by Disruptive’s £250m balance sheet to support Tantalum’s exciting future, driving Tantalum’s promising global success with particular focus in the United States and mainland Europe.

Following a recent government award of £1.4m to perfect the innovative Air.Car project that looks to reduce the harmful pollutants rife in cities around the world, the Disruptive investment confirms the full support of Tantalum’s continued industry disruption. Combined with Tantalum’s pioneering solutions such as Pay.Car, a proprietary payment management system for the car; iQ.car, a comprehensive ecosystem of connected car services; which combine to create a connective open platform allowing for greater synergy with the Connected Home and Smart City, Tantalum are creating a suite of services that will save users money, take the hassle out of motoring, and enhance safety, while also offering significant environmental benefits to governments and councils around the world.

Commenting on the investment, Lincoln Jopp, a partner at Disruptive Capital said, ‘We are delighted that Disruptive Capital has been given this opportunity to invest further in Tantalum, coming, as it does, on the back of the investment by Handysoft, the Korean automotive company, earlier in the year. At Disruptive Capital, we back superb management.  We bolt on innovative technology to established market leaders; and then drive to market leadership to disrupt markets. Tantalum is growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up; new offices and experts in Silicon Valley and Atlanta, new services, new global contracts and new investment to make it happen.’

to support the company’s global rollout.

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