Strategic Investor ups stake in Tantalum

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We are delighted that the Korean automotive technology company Handysoft, part of the Dasan group, has made a further noteworthy investment into Tantalum Corporation (“Tantalum”) .   Further funding has also come in from our family office vehicle, Disruptive Capital, a long-standing investor in Tantalum.  

Coming hot on the heels of the recognition by the UK government of our unique solution to help curb CO2 and NOx emissions, the further investment will help develop Tantalum’s unique “pay as you pollute” solution, which is attracting increasing attention as governments and local authorities from London to Singapore seek to battle rising air pollution.  Tantalum received an Innovate UK grant to perfect its remote monitoring of NOx; and has had a numerous replies to its competition for SmartCities worldwide to set up the world’s first real time emissions-based road user charging scheme.  Tantalum aims to save lives, save drivers money and cost-effectively clean up SmartCities with its unique technology.

We are putting together a federation of strategic industry partners across the globe to roll out Tantalum’s unique suite of Connected Car services. Backing superb management, Disruptive is building up this innovative British company, which we are proud to own.”    

Tantalum is the leading provider of Connected Car technology services, including insurance, crash detection, roadside assistance, parking and accident management. Tantalum’s end-to-end ecosystem of services is underpinned by a proprietary global billing and payment platform: Pay.Car.  Security is paramount in all of Tantalum’s applications.

Tantalum was valued at $300 million in this last round, with the next round of partners’ investment expected to be closing shortly at a higher level.

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