Tantalum awarded Government grant for Air.Car

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Tantalum Corporation has been recognised as a leading connected vehicle innovator by the UK Government through a £1m award by Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected an Autonomous Vehicles. 

Tantalum Corporation, together with Imperial College London, look to perfect the development of real-time NOemissions estimation capability, named Air.Car, which will give local authorities the ability to implement dynamic road charging based on actual vehicle emissions in a smarter, cheaper and fairer way.

This comes in addition to Tantalum’s working real-time CO2 emissions estimation capabilities, which is protected by a suite of patents. The existing CO2 emissions estimation product has already helped customers save an average of 15% in fuel costs through better driving and this could also reduce NOemissions by up to 50%. 

Tantalum’s solution can be connected to any vehicle’s on-board computer via the OBD port. The Air.Car project could also play a large part in solving the pollution issues faced by cities across the world. Recent news reports have highlighted London’s failure to adhere to Air quality regulations, with some streets breaching annual levels within a matter of days and weeks.

Read more: https://www.tantalumcorporation.com/tantalum-and-imperial-college-london-to-deliver-air-car-project/ 

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